Obtaining the best price on a product is crucial to channel businesses, and as such it makes sense to have as much functionality around this aspect of channel management as possible.

ChannelCenter’s platform offers a broad range of quoting functionality designed to give users complete control over this aspect of their distribution process. Features such as a product configurator, quote versioning and automated pricing tier and partner level discounting bring real utility to the quoting function, whilst details such as being able to check any quote status instantly and at any time add visibility and transparency to the quoting process.


Reduce operational inefficiency via a channel-focused pricing model and quoting system

  • Tiered Quoting
  • Partner Discounting
  • Product Configurator
  • Purchase Order Management
Tiered Quoting
Tiered Quoting

Quotes can be passed down the channel quickly and easily, as resellers can convert their distributor quote into a reseller quote by applying their branding and adjusting their margin automatically. Quotes are thus not only customised in terms of look and feel, but administrative burden is reduced due to automated margin adjustment.

Partner Discounting
Partner Discounting

Resellers with gold or silver partner status will have specific partner-level pricing automatically pulled through for relevant products. As the process is automated and does not need employee input, this mechanism acts as a time-saving device and boosts quoting accuracy as well.

Product Configurator
Product Configurator

Final costs are derived via the selection and definition of various product options, including the sub-product type and how many devices are required. With modern day products becoming increasingly complex, the Product Configurator mechanism leads users through a step-by-step quote process, ensuring that the final quote is both accurate and complete. By eliminating product complexity, it also opens up the process to a wider range of users, meaning companies can potentially divert more experienced resources to other more complex tasks, freeing up capacity.

Purchase Order Management
Purchase Order Management

When creating a quote for a reseller, a distributor can specify whether to compel the reseller to supply a purchase order when placing the order. This effectively ‘forces’ the reseller to comply with distributor internal purchasing system nomenclature, boosting operational efficiency and eliminating inaccuracy potential. The platform also enables resellers to enforce the same procedure with their end-users.


Add flexibility and agility to your quote process by taking advantage of key features

Currency Management

Users can set the currency of their customer quotes to suit their local market. For distributors or resellers operating in multiple countries, customers can be quoted in different currencies depending on which specific currency they require.

Multiple Contacts

The platform contains the ability to add multiple individual contacts to a quote, ensuring that the relevant people are informed of the quote and can action it in the absence of others. It builds in redundancy and potentially speeds up the quoting process.

Quote Status Visibility

Platform users can see the status of their quotes at-a-glance, at any time. In a modern, fast-paced business environment, having instant clarity on quote status removes uncertainty and speeds up decision making.

Quote Versioning

Updated quote versions are saved for record-keeping purposes. By keeping track of quotes in a logical and consistent manner, the potential for internal confusion and operational disorder is eliminated.

Uniquely Branded

Setup your platform branding to include your own colours and logo on all quotations.

Terms & Conditions

Setup default Terms & Conditions for all your quotations, or customise individual quotes.

Reference Numbers

Make use of system generated quote name and reference number, or input your own.