ChannelCenter’s API technology makes vendor integration easy and includes the ability to manage vendors via the platform.

Users can reap the benefit of pre-integrated vendors by simply plugging in credentials and syncing the platform with the vendor’s system. Additional vendor integrations can be requested or handled by external development teams by accessing the ChannelCenter vendor API. For in-house products and services, users can create unique vendors to resell to customers.

Merge with existing vendor integrations using vendor credentials

For vendor integrations which already exist on the platform, distributors need only input their specific credentials. The platform accesses product and pricing via the specific vendor integration and product information will automatically be populated on the system, facilitating future quote and order workflows.

In addition, the platform configuration includes the ability to have multiple credentials assigned to one customer tenancy, as well as the ability for these program credentials to be different (cloud, ESD and MSP for example). Users can associate these credentials to different tiers such as Direct, Indirect and Partner levels. The ability also exists to add direct and indirect partners (Tier 1) under an indirect distributor on specific vendor programs.


Control the environment with vendor management

Manage Vendors

Users can customise their Marketplaces with built-in functionality to add, edit and remove vendors as they see fit. Creating unique vendors with relevant branding and information is easy and useful for users wanting to make their own products or services available for purchase.  Users can also restrict which vendors can or cannot be seen by customers.

Vendor Setup Parameters

Vendors can be setup according to various parameters, including:

  • Vendor name and logos
  • Vendor credentials start and expiry dates
  • Partner tiers and relevant discounts
  • Manual provisioning contacts (if applicable)
  • MSP and relevant partners (if applicable)